Haiti is one of the most deforested countries in the world, and hazards such as heavy rains devastate crops and livelihoods with a more challenging, longer road to recovery.

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As we work on the next IDA replenishment we have a chance to integrate these lessons across our programs that are focused on countries affected by fragility and conflict.

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As the world urbanizes rapidly, [[tweetable]]international experience has shown that economic activities concentrate in a relatively small number of places[[/tweetable]] – it is estimated that...

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هذه المدونة متوفرة باللغات التالية: English في عالم يشهد انقساما بشأن كيفية التعامل مع مشكلات خطيرة مثل الإرهاب والهجرة والتجارة الحرة وتغير المناخ، تتفق الحكومات على الأهمية العاجلة لحل ما يبدو...

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This page in: Arabic | Français | 中文 In a world divided over how to deal with such serious problems as terrorism, immigration, free trade, and climate change, governments agree on the urgency of...

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