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Elena Strukova-Golub

Economista sénior, Práctica Global de Medio Ambiente, Recursos Naturales y Economía Azul, Europa y Asia Central, Banco Mundial

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Elena Strukova-Golub is Senior Economist with the Environment, Natural Resources, and Blue Economy (ENB) Global Practice in the Europe and Central Asia (ECA) region of the World Bank. She leads analytical work, advisory services, and operations as an expert in environmental economics and green finance, specifically the Green Growth studies, the Country Climate and Development Reports, Cost of Environmental Degradation (CoED), and Cost-Benefit Analysis of Environmental Policy and Measures. Elena worked in Latin America, South and Eastern Asia, Africa, Middle East, Eastern and Central Europe, and Central Asia, on the national, subnational and project levels.  She also served as an expert on environmental finance, energy subsidies elimination, natural resources, and pollution fees at OECD, as well as an expert on adaptation to climate change with UNDP. Elena holds a PhD in Environmental Economics from Moscow State University, Russia, and a Doctorate from the Russian Academy of Science.