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Marta Schoch

Consultora con contrato a largo plazo, Grupo de Gestión de Datos sobre el Desarrollo, Banco Mundial

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Marta Schoch is an ET consultant in the Global Poverty and Inequality Data team in the Development Data Group at the World Bank, contributing to the team’s work on global poverty and inequality measurement. She also worked closely with the Nigeria Poverty team on the analysis of poverty in Nigeria as part of the work program for Nigeria’s 2022 Poverty Assessment. She joined the World Bank in 2020 and was part of the core team of the Poverty and Shared Prosperity 2020 report. Prior to joining the Bank she worked at the University of Sussex, as part of the Migrating out of Poverty Research consortium, and at the Imperial College London. Marta holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Sussex. Her doctoral thesis is on political economy and focuses on the formation of political preferences, including work on how inequality shapes political preferences and voting behavior.