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Aktau – the gateway to Kazakhstan

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Almost all the necessary facilities for investors are in place in the region, including the Sea Port Aktau economic zone.

Although Kazakhstan is the 9th largest country in the world, whenever we come to the country we tend to land in just one of two places: Astana (the capital) or Almaty (the former capital). We hear a lot about the oil-rich west, but few of us go there to explore business opportunities – a big mistake in my view. From what I’ve seen, I would claim that Aktau – in the western Mangystau region - is a gateway to Kazakhstan.

To reinvigorate Europe, we need more integration… of services

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To reinvigorate growth in Europe, European Central Bank President Mario Draghi called for more common projects in the European Union (EU). And he emphasized that these efforts need to meet a set of minimum bars: they should “…focus on those actions that deliver tangible and immediately recognisable results… [they] should complement the actions of governments; they should be clearly linked to people’s immediate concerns; they should unequivocally concern matters of European or global significance.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Challenges and solutions to boosting Moldova’s trade competitiveness

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Moldova Trade Study

How can Moldova shift from a growth model based on remittances and consumption to one driven by investment, productivity growth, and innovation?
For this small and landlocked country, integration into global markets is crucial. As such, Moldova’s National Development Strategy, “Moldova 2020”, calls for prioritizing the expansion of exports of goods and services. To boost exports, the country needs to join regional and global value chains, to become more efficient in what it already produces, and to innovate. Attracting investment, both foreign and domestic, is also key.
So, how is Moldova doing in this regard?

Provocări și soluții pentru stimularea competitivității comerciale a Moldovei

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Moldova Trade Study

Cum poate trece Moldova de la un model de creștere bazat pe remitențe și consum la unul bazat pe investiții, creșterea productivității și inovație?
Pentru această țară mică și fără ieșire la mare, integrarea pe piețele globale este crucială. Prin urmare, Strategia Națională de Dezvoltare – Moldova 2020, cheamă la prioritizarea expansiunii exporturilor de mărfuri și servicii. Pentru a încuraja exporturile, țara trebuie să adere la lanțurile de valoarea regionale și globale pentru a deveni mai eficientă în ceea ce deja produce și pentru a inova.  Atragerea investițiilor, atât străine cât și locale, sunt de asemenea importante.
Deci, cum se descurcă Moldova la acest capitol?

Unlocking Georgia’s potential through export-led job creation

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Having lived in Tbilisi for almost three years now, I continue to be fascinated by the contradictions of the Georgian story.

On one hand, Georgia has achieved significant economic growth over the past decade, successfully introduced much needed governance reform, and become synonymous with world leadership in terms of doing business (ranked in the top 15 and better than some OECD countries).

On the other hand, the country has been dogged persistently by high poverty rates – among the highest in the Europe and Central Asia region. And, despite a highly improved business environment, unemployment rates remain in the double digits: official unemployment is currently around 15 percent!