This week, the World Bank shares its top priorities as it continues to fight COVID-19 through the largest response in its history as an institution, with new health projects in Haiti and Uganda.…

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As countries grapple with the impact of COVID-19, policy makers are seeking effective, balanced solutions to address both public health and economic recovery challenges.

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Exemples d'approches qui ont porté leurs fruits et comment d'autres pourraient s’en inspirer.

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Todavía nos encontramos en los primeros días de esta pandemia. Una respuesta eficaz requerirá un alto nivel de coordinación y cooperación

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في إطار ما تعانيه البلدان من صراع ناجم عن أثر هذه جائحة فيروس كورونا، يسعى واضعو السياسات إلى إيجاد حلول فعالة ومتوازنة لمواجهة تحديات الصحة العامة وتحقيق الانتعاش الاقتصادي.

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Economic growth, social inclusion, public health, environmental protection… mobility is at the core of many critical issues that have been shaping the global development agenda. This message came…

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Illicit trade in tobacco products undermines global tobacco prevention and control interventions, particularly with respect to tobacco tax policy. From a public health perspective, illicit trade…

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Editorial credit: alionabirukova / Last week, the world came to attention when the famous Hulene dumpsite in Maputo, Mozambique collapsed under heavy rains, killing at least 16…

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