In the last decade, conditional cash transfer (CCT) programs are probably the key social policy innovation around the world and in the East Asia and Pacific region. The targeted programs offer…

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The forum works through eight working groups that meet regularly to discuss issues such as tax and law, export, and tourism.

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It’s now that time for me when you have to sit down and write goodbye and thank you emails, throw away all those trees you’ve cut over the years (that would be paper), wrap up work, pack up your…

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For about a week, I've been reminded of today's 20th anniversary of World AIDS Day by a giant red ribbon hanging on the World Bank's main building here in Washington, DC. A few…

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In some villages in Laos, a household of six people live on US$320 a year, living with whatever means their environment offers them.

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Charles Darwin: eminent naturalist, geologist, biologist, author, and avid billiards player.

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A rice seller in one of Cambodia's markets. The price of rice, a staple food for Cambodians,  has doubled between July 2007 and July 2008. Last week, I attended a very interesting seminar by…

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Most of us in the development community are aware that proper water and sanitation services are crucial for life and health. Proper sanitation especially can decrease the instances and spread of…

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