Guatemala’s new School Feeding Law promises to help promoting food security of all children in school. It also presents an opportunity to better connect markets, address information gaps, empower…

Camila De Ferrari Piazza, Viviana Perego, Katie Kennedy Freeman |

La nueva Ley de Alimentación Escolar de Guatemala promete ayudar a promover la seguridad alimentaria de las niñas y niños que asisten a la escuela.

Camila De Ferrari Piazza, Viviana Perego, Katie Kennedy Freeman |

Secure land rights play a key role in addressing the climate crisis. Yet billions of peoples’ rights to the lands and resources they live on and manage are unrecognized.

Wael Zakout, Andy White |

I witnessed how in a melding of the old and new, the World Bank is working with the Indonesian government to deliver better basic services through the convergence of three elements: the tradition…

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A class of 4 year olds and their teacher say namaste in rural Nepal.
Photo © Aisha Faquir/World Bank

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A parenting education workshop is underway in Indonesia. Ed's note: This guest blog is by Heather Biggar Tomlinson (Executive Director, Roshan Learning Center) and Syifa Andina (Chairperson,…

Heather Biggar Tomlinson, Syifa Andina |

Apoyar el desarrollo sostenible de los pueblos indígenas es fundamental para alcanzar los dos objetivos del Banco Mundial de poner fin a la pobreza y promover la prosperidad compartida en los…

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