The experience over 1998–2004 suggests that market-based instruments may have been less effective than the PBC had hoped due to incomplete development of the financial sector.

Michael Geiger, Steven Pennings |

Changes in China’s exchange rate policy were an important complement to institutional reforms.

Michael Geiger, Steven Pennings |

East Asia entered the COVID-19 pandemic first and is likely to be the first region to recover. The region can turn this crisis to its long-term advantage by adopting bold and imaginative policies…

Victoria Kwakwa |

Analyses on potential mechanisms suggest that the personal discount rate (impatience) and the need to expand the social network are important pathways through which credit constraints affect fraud…

L.Colin Xu, Nan Gao, Yuanyuan Ma |

China's national emissions trading system (ETS) could have a unique role in stimulating low carbon innovation and reducing emissions at least cost.

Dafei Huang, Marissa Santikarn, Rachel Mok, Ying Cui, Yali Wang, Huixin Liu |

Delhi and the surrounding National Capital Region (NCR) are often the focus of media reports on air quality, but poor air quality is a concern across the country, as noted in a recent World Bank…

John Roome |

A new report looks at the kinds of policies actions three cities have taken to tackle poor local air quality, providing lessons for other cities.

Karin Kemper, Sameh Wahba |

"We should not see ourselves as small island developing states, we must shift the paradigm to large ocean states."

Sylvia Michele Diez, David Adeyemi Aromokeye, Jorge Barbosa |

China has recently achieved a remarkable improvement in its business environment as measured by the World Bank’s global Doing Business report. Over the past two years, China moved up by almost 50…

Marcin Piatkowski, Sylvia Solf, Wenting Wei |

The key hygiene issues arise at the consumption stage and downstream, during collection and sorting of plastic waste before recycling.

Grzegorz Peszko |