Concern about the world’s oceans is growing. Overfishing threatens fisheries, coral reefs are declining and disappearing, and the number of dead zones is increasing.

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Hundreds of thousands of tons of plastic remain uncollected on Caribbean islands each year and voluminous waves of plastic waste wash up on the shores, especially after severe storms.

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The Small Island States Resilience Initiative (SISRI) is working with small island states to build disaster and climate resilience.

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Disaster losses disproportionately affect poor people, according to the 2017 “Unbreakable” report. The Caribbean Hurricane season of 2017 was a tragic illustration of this.

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Children are often told that home is where to run inside when thunders hit or when the rain comes, and that home is a safe place. However, for billions of people in the world, it is not.   By 2030…

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Hurricane Irma moves through the Caribbean in this satellite image from September 5th, 2017. Image credit: NOAA The last few weeks have been a stark reminder of how [[tweetable]]natural disasters…

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Also available in: Español | 中文 [[tweetable]] Why resilient cities need resilient housing. [[/tweetable]] Download the full version of the slideshow here.  The scene is as familiar as it is tragic…

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About this series More blog posts Between 2010 and 2017, Chile was struck by 10 major natural hazard events. These disasters affected as many as 340, 583 houses and cost $3.6 billion in…

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About this series More blog posts The social inclusion of disadvantaged groups is necessary for reducing poverty and boosting shared prosperity, said government representatives, experts, and civil…

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