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Submitted by Vanessa on

Mr. Rijkers,

Thank you for this thorough and clearly-written report which is accessible even to those of us who are not economy experts. I do have one question regarding a statement in the introductory section:

"The World Economic Forum repeatedly ranked Tunisia as the most competitive economy in Africa and the IMF as well as the World Bank heralded Tunisia as a role model for other developing

One can imagine that during the time of Ben Ali's tenure, the Ministry of Finance might not have been as open as it is now to sharing the data that has proved so striking and revelatory and informative for this report. On the other hand, the World Bank has had projects in Tunisia for a long time (since the early 1990's, I think?), and it seems curious that this report (which recognizes that Tunisia's economic «policy infrastructure inherited from the Ben Ali era perpetuates social exclusion and invites corruption») should be produced three years after the revolution, especially in light of the fact that the World Bank formally commended Tunisia as a role model for other countries.

Why, when the World Bank has been invested in Tunisia for so long, do these revelations about economic corruption emerge now?