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Submitted by Abdul on

As a national of a country which made the news headline in 2012, I assure you that no country has witnessed the negative consequences of corruption more than mine. We went from a widespread corruption to organised crime and the collapse of the state. But, even after the crisis, the elites are doing business as usual because few of them have been affected by the crisis. Why ? They have already invested the fruits of their bribery in Western countries, in real estate, in financial products just to name a few. What will be their incentive to be honest if they can have a shelter in other countries when war breaks out in their own country ? Will they be concerned about the collapse of the education system if they can afford to send their children in the best schools in America ou Europe ? Will they care about the healthcare system if they can have the best care whenever they want in the western countries ? Why change the system if they can easily extract the money from their poor country and live the living standard of the developped countries ? There is no incentive to do so. They keep on maintaining the system by the use of violence, bribery, intimidation and lying. The new government works hands in hands with the old one. And the cycle goes on.