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Submitted by Jasmina Ahmetbasic on

Dear Wolfgang, International organisations contributed to current Western Balkans economic situation by constantly changing diagnosis and subsequent "remedies". To my opinion diagnosis can be made only by insiders, who learned a lot from these diagnosis in the meantime, and confusion caused by millions of diagnosis and development models is becoming lower. You have to understand past and present context of these economies, which shouldn't have been treated like countries that never had certain level of development before transition, starting from zero. Your skills shortage questioning is correct, question is where are companies that can absorb, for example in Bosnia, more that 500.000 unemployed? Pushing for micro enterprises (one of popular "remedies") means that we need, some 250.000 micro enterprises (average SME in BiH has 2-3 employees). I know that the answer should be given by local governments, but developed countries should know better, right?
Best regards