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Let's directly Empower Farmers & Entrepreneurs:
It is now very important to shift from mostly supporting Africa as a "charity case" to taking business-like approaches in at-least, most of the development assistance given to the region. In every community in sub-Sahara, you can find lots of talented men and women who are operating micro-enterprises and micro-farms with tiny budgets and can't get bank loans with which to expand. The farmers have dreams to acquire modern machinery/technology to grow more fruits and vegetables for direct consumption in nearby towns and villages and for processing for local and remote/foreign markets. Most governments in Africa have not proven to be very useful for these skilled young and old farmers. Assisting them to expand is always drowned in bureaucracy, favoritism and corruption. The western world can help through bypassing inefficient African governments and making funds and other resources available, directly to the farmers in any country through social enterprise NGOs. I truly believe that it is time for the World Bank to seriously discuss how to provide food security and poverty alleviation support directly to impoverished entrepreneurs and other change makers in the African countries that have uncooperative governments. Poor people should not be punished because of their inefficient governments and we cannot blame them for electing corrupt people because in my opinion, at the level of poverty in the region (70% living on less than $2 a day), economic independence comes before democracy.
Eugene Nzeribe, Director, ICAfrica, Ottawa