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Kenya is actually striving to attract Foreign Direct Investment inflows on a big scale more so by the Central Government for infrastructure, devolved county municipal governments mainly for expanding social services or supporting small scale county level infrastructure and the Private sector (eg Proparco France lent over KEs3billion to Chase Bank Kenya to expand her SME business , Guaranty Bank Nigeria acquired Fina Bank Kenya for over Kshs8 billon, IFC lent Equity Bank US$100m etc).
Kenya still gets over US$1 billion in remittance inflows from Kenyans in Americas and Europe diasporas.
The Nairobi Stock exchange with almost 50% foreign investor base was one of the best performing stock markets globally in 2013.
The country is targeting to issue a US$1.2 billion sovereign Eurodollar markets bond sometimes this year and this will mark the ultimate test of foreign investors confidence. Most people are optimistic the sovereign Eurodollar markets bond will be oversubscribed.
Given the ICC cases facing the President and Deputy president , the only thing with Kenya is high shift and dependence on nontraditional allies more so East and Central Africa for international trade (now at 40% of total exports from Kenya) as well as China for Infrastructure financing.
Since the ICC seems an affront to Kenya’s independence , the March 2013 General Elections became a Referendum on the ICC and majority of Kenyans voted for the current President and Deputy President in defiance of ICC and international community position on self determination and country sovereignty grounds. Most of those who defied are either aged Mau Mau war of independence veterans or children and grandchildren of Mau Mau with a high regard for self-independence and freedom of choice without the international community policing .
The ICC issue is also now viewed as a race war against Black Africans with her funders pulling strings to determine leadership structures while hidden well in the dark shadows more so after Kenya’s successful lobbying of the African Union and also given the UN Security Council refuised .
As it is Kenyans seems to overwhelmingly support the de-capitulation of the overt or covert colonial legacy exploitation links owing to traditional unfavorable balance of trade positions with Western Europe and America. There is majority support for Look East (to china) AND Loon Inside (to Africa) if Kenya is to achieve the middle income status in the next 6 years to 2020.