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Submitted by Ilcheong Yi on

Thank you for a very much thought-provoking piece, Laura (If I may). I think provision of universal UCT is a great idea, but feasibility issue still remains, as some comments already mentioned. Making universal social provision genuine and meaningful in terms of coverage at least,demands a wide range of supportive institutions and policies in political, economic and social dimensions. Given the heterogeniety of the contexts and group dynamics including different degrees of vertical and horizontal inequality in the FCS, establishing institutional complementarity and synergies between universal UCT and other institutions and policies in appropriate way would be the key to addressing and overcoming various constraints of structural, institutional and individual levels. This also demands a long-term planning for development or transition from humanitarian aid to development assistance, which will involve multi-year and concerted efforts of various donors. I understand one of the major themes of the World Humanitarian Summit 2016 is particularly related to this humanitarian and development aid nexus, and your thought about universal UCT can be an excellent entry point through which we can enrich discussions on the nexus issue. I am very much interested in the role and functions of social policy in harmonising humanitarian aid and development assistance goals in FCS, and I hope to see your idea on universal UCT further develop.