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Submitted by Laura on

Dear Alex, Thanks for your insightful comments. Indeed, there will be considerable risks that must be thoroughly thought through before implementing any type of development policy in FCS, and with UCTs you rightly question: (a) whether the cash would increase the risk of violence if they are spent on weapons, and (b) whether the cash may make recipients more vulnerable to extortion. I think for (a) we would need more information on the preferences of the recipients to know if they would really spend it on weapons, and whether if security could be provided in another way this preference would still prevail, i.e., with a parallel policy on security could recipients be nudged towards more economically productive and less defensive investments? On (b) investigating ways to make transfers secure and less vulnerable to extortion is a must, but not making communities better off, in case they may then become more vulnerable does not seem the right argument for in action.