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Submitted by Nachiket Mor on

Your latest blog post (series) is an excellent one Shanta. I wonder though if there aren’t more alternatives than the ones you list at the end of your post which may work even with poorly motivated politicians and poorly informed / disempowered citizenry which may be faster than seeking to modify the “culture/mindset”:

1.Better design of the product / service so that price is a sufficient statistic (as it is for a sandwich). Perhaps in healthcare, Managed Care is an idea where the ⍊product” is: “insurance + healthcare” by a single / integrated provider – perhaps markets become better solutions then [Kaiser Permanente].

2.Independent regulators – may provide a route to “politician-proof⍊ public policy even with poorly motivated politicians. [financial sector, telecom sector, electricity sector, in India]

3.Purchaser-provider splits – so that market principles can be brought into government provision [Thailand, UK, India – RSBY/ RAS]

Would be eager to hear what you think about these ideas. My own sense is that in many of the sectors you list they could work with the possible exception of education because the “product” is very fuzzy and ill-defined.