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Janmejay, Thank you for your comment. As indicated in my reply to the previous comment, such "info-mediaries" indeed exist in the Benin context--every school in our sample has a PTA, which can take specific actions to improve the effectiveness of existing resources in the school, and to voice demand for more resources. We gathered data on PTA activities, so we were able to examine whether these were different across villages with fewer or more radio access. We found no difference. In the other study I referenced in the blog--the work with Pratham and JPAL--the aim was to activiate and energize the India-specific "info-mediary"-the Village Education Committees. Once again, there was no impact on actions of the VECs, even as there was action by other volunteers in the village that bypassed the VEC and the public school system. Our result contrasts with other work by Priyanka Pandey et al which did find some impact on VEC activities. The burden of resolving why these results are aso different remains. What Shanta, Mike and I are exploring in our ongoing work is whether the extent to which the information campaign is seen as carrying the endorsement of higher-tier state authorities, and signals their expectations from lower-tier providers, is a factor crucial to succeess. Thanks again for engaging in this discussion.