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Submitted by Mazuba Mwiinga on
I am not such an expert in the social and economic paragymns at stake. But my area of interest in this discussion is on community radio's role in making the government accountable. From Zambia's context, though some of the setbacks highlighted above fit in even here; on the other hand, we have seen a greater change in the way these community radios here have been operating. The new radio trend of Phone-in programs have tramendously shifted community radios'concetration on just speaking to the community they serve and become a useful advocacy link between the government and the community in suh a way that the governement has become jittery because the community has been given a voice on thier problems, challenging government leaders on various issues that it has failed to honor. These radio programs on almost all the various community radios in the country, have taken the government to task. In this avenue the government have come to realise how powerful these community radios are, and have started trying to surpress them thorugh draconian laws and threats of closure. Much as they are a challenge, these programs have helped the community find their feet on evaluating government's performance, though they need alot of dedication, prowess and abit more of courage for the producers to host them successfully.