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Submitted by Mazuba Mwiinga on
Its true Carl that the mushrooming of so many community radio stations does not equate to a free press. But to a larger extent it has opened new avenues to a public that had no voice whatsoever on making governments accountable. Before, people relied on the national broadcaster to show and report on rural poverty levels, under development etc; which never happened because the national broadcaster was and still is under immense government control. Today, community radios are closer to the people. Even when there is no guarantee of a free media, people still speak out their mind on government failures. Radio reporters and producers become more and more commited to be accountable to the people and not to the powers that may be. These community radios have a young fearless generation that want to implement what they learnt in journalism schools; thats why the government even finds it so challenged that despite the threats it breathes out, information critical of government still find itself on air. So many governemnt scandals have been exposed which was almost a taboo before.