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Submitted by Archil Kapanadze, M.D., Ph.D. on
Dear Graham, I am from Georgia (former Soviet Union) and the problems described in your blog is very vivid to me for last 20 year. It is very good phenomenological descriptions you have done. I mean you see the problems correctly. But to resolve them ("with what we know now what do we do differently?") it needs more scientific approach. I am working on this issues but it is difficult to put everything in small letter. But, as it was said by one Georgian scientist "Human is a meaning giving animal". So, when you coming with willing to help, you must consider what meanings in this society are comparable with that you want to introduce in there. So, one thing (maybe scenario of action) I want to add to something described by you very correctly - while "MP will reward family and supporters appropriately" he/she must be accountable by his/her family name (family in "patrimonial" societies includes more persons and have a greater meaning), it means if you will perform unethically as a government stuff (executive) no one from your family will come on this position in future. Maybe someone think it as a joke but I know you will understand me. With respect, Archil Kapanadze