Procurement professionalization in challenging environments: The cases of Afghanistan and Nigeria (Live Event)


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The World Bank has been supporting the professionalization of public procurement to help strengthen the skills and competencies of practitioners and make the delivery of goods, services, and works to citizens more efficient.

In Afghanistan, the National Procurement Authority, through Civil Services Commission, has developed a Procurement Cadre Regulation and recruited about 1000 procurement staff. The National Procurement Institute has developed systematic training, certification, and accreditation of staff. This was part of the Fiscal Performance Support Project with support from the World Bank.

In Nigeria, the World Bank-funded Sustainable Procurement, Environmental and Social Standards Enhancement Project (SPESSE) is supporting six federal universities to graduate 21,240 students in Procurement, Environmental and Social Standards (PES). The project is also helping central government agencies to commence professionalization programs in PES.


Alham Omar Hotaki, CEO and Director General of the National Procurement Authority (NPA) of Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Ahmad Shah Naqshbandi, Deputy for Professionalization (NPA)

Dr. Joshua Atah, National Coordinator of the Sustainable Procurement, Environmental and Social Standards Enhancement (SPESSE) Project in Nigeria

Aliyu E. Aliyu, Director, Regulations, Database and ICT Department of Nigeria Bureau of Public Procurement



Kim Phan, Director of the International Law Institute

Prof. Dermot Cahill, Head of Strategy, HelpUsTrade, and Former Founder Director, Institute for Competition and Procurement Studies, Bangor University, UK

Uwingeneye Joyeuse, Director General of Rwanda Public Procurement Authority

James Kaloki, Ag. CEO, Kenya Institute of Supplies Management, Nairobi, Kenya


Vinay Sharma, Global Director, Governance Procurement, World Bank


A K Kalesh Kumar, Senior Procurement Specialist, World Bank


For more information about the event and the World Bank's work on public procurement, check out: Procurement Professionalization in Challenging Environments: The Cases of Afghanistan and Nigeria & Procurement for Development. We'd love to hear from you! Provide your comments and questions on this page.


Nicholas Nam

External Affairs Specialist

Eduseh Haruna
March 03, 2021

I've been struggling with network.I'm interested.

March 03, 2021

Dear Eduseh Haruna, We are sorry for the technical issues you are facing, we will put the replay and the presentations in Arabic, English, French, and Spanish on these blogs pages so you can come back and replay the event.

Ahmed Shareef
March 03, 2021

Possible to get hold of the video for offline view?

March 03, 2021

Dear Ahmed, we will not be providing the video for offline view but we will make the recording available here.

March 03, 2021

I wait to received the link

March 03, 2021

Dear Sagir, you can watch the event directly here where it is streamed. Thank you.

Ebere Abolade
March 03, 2021

To Join in the discussion on Supply chain professionalism

March 03, 2021

I have enjoyed the session, any chance to have a copy of the presentation.

March 03, 2021

Dear Sophear, Thank you for your comment. At the end of the session, we will upload all the presentations on this page.

Soala Warmate
March 03, 2021

There are several suggestions that may help in procurement professionalisation, one such suggestion is for the World Bank to create an online Community of Practice (CoP) or support its creation where the membership will be open to all persons with prescribed qualifications and experience. Furthermore, the government (national and subnational) requested to encourage its procurement staff to join the CoP. Also, the Bank can disseminate this information through organisations and institutions it supports.

Amongst other things, the CoP will keep the discussion on the procurement professionalisation ongoing so that ideas, knowledge, and experience shared on the platform will serve as an additional impetus for the professionalisation.

Ahmed Lawal
March 03, 2021

Good day, sir, this is quite educative. Please can this presentation be recorded and send to our e-mails? Thanks

Wali kochi
March 03, 2021

Thanks for the conversation

Tolulope Oladotun
March 03, 2021

It is a good initiative to learn from experts

March 03, 2021

If you are interested is seeing how HelpUsTrade's Directors (Clifford and Cahill) and Director of Operations (Mbah) supported the Government of Afghanistan's National Procurement Authority (NPA) and National Procurement Institute (NPI) advance its procurement professionalisation agenda, please read the following case study:

BS Chetty
March 03, 2021

Excellent presentations by Afghanistan and Nigeria. Appreciate that they brought professionalisation to the procurement profession with the help of the World Bank. Good moderation by Kalesh.

Miriam Mbah
March 03, 2021

One of the key things a country needs before developing it's professionalisation strategy and its implementation is the development of a procurement competency and skills framework. This will outline the gaps in the system and thus, ensure that the development of initiatives and strategies will have a significant impact.

Abduljabbar AL QATHAB
March 03, 2021

Excellent organization, speakers, content, and discussions. It is indeed inspiring to many who wish to embark in procurement system modernization as a tool to boost economic growth. Please share the Presentations and records for wider audience and ask participants to publish in their social media posts.

March 03, 2021

Glad to be pricipating in this event.
however, would you be sending to us all the presentations?

March 03, 2021

Glad to be pricipating in this event.
however, would you be sending to us all the presentations?

March 03, 2021

We will upload them here shortly.

Joseph Clarkson Momoh
March 03, 2021

Honestly, i found the topic very interesting. However, judging from the fact that, closed to 70% of an institution budgets passes through procurement; and as such, it makes it obligatory for the unit to exhibit high level of discipline and professionalism.

Going forward-considering the economy challenges that africa is faced with as regards living wages. What opportunities has the world bank put in place as a form of sponsorship to enable practitioners in their poised to advance themselves in the field of procurement, so as to match up with International best practices?

Anabela Baptista
March 03, 2021

Thank you very much for your email

Augustine Komba Kellie
March 04, 2021

Would love to be part of such an expedient discussion.

Thokozile Audrey Gurira
March 05, 2021

Interested in this program.

March 08, 2021

Im personnaly interresed

March 08, 2021

Iam Happy to Hear and Participate on Procurement Reform which i have never hear such motivational skill which i will upgrade my skill from it.

Ibizugbe Iziegbe
March 10, 2021

Impressive, informative and rewarding. Good experience.

Abubakar Haruna
August 17, 2021

It's unfortunate that I missed this important event. How I wish I can get the video clip to watch.