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Submitted by Okoye, 'Gozie FKO on
For a truth, this is a welcome development that will help in no little measure in health service delivery capacity building. I owe tribute to the management of World Bank, who has over the years swun to a total interest in alleviating poor health condition of people across the whole World. It is for real a commendable effort. Now, introducing ICT platform to transform the system, is going to be obvious that less or no link to management or government who have access to ICT gadgets can combat some crime practiced by some health Workers. And I believe that this will actually help to modify health service delivery, even in the remote areas of various contries. I will like to get the process data details when launched in Nigeria, if there could be any way I would help, I will definitly do it to the tends of my capability. Because this will need to sensitise, mostly in the rural communities and river-line areas, in a way to make efficient use of the Drugs delivered to them, therefore creating a healthy people in the socioeconomic developing contries, which I saw the core target goal of the World Bank on this project. Achieving this goal will make them and I happy as it's for the purpose of good work to humanity. God will bless your generous effort. Thanks. FKO.