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Submitted by Charles Chima on
There is no doubt that ICT has a huge potential to trasform health care delivery in reosurce-poor settings of Sub-Saharan Africa. Take Nigeria, for example, in the past it had taken weeks to detect Cholera outbreaks in remote settings. If there were such wide use of mobile health apps, both the local manpower and the people in the affected community can alert regional health authorities earlier enough to fast-track response. I agree that developing countries should avoid the mistakes of the industrialized world when it comes to technological application in health care. There is need to streamline the process such that the different e-health applications have a common platform. The fragmentation and duplicity that has characterized foreign aid to Africa should not be allowed to repeat itself in this promising yet evolving element of health system strenghtening. This would definitely be a challenging task but the best time to make such a move is now; before they rapidly become commonplace in the developing world. The World Bank certainly has the reach to lead such a call to action.