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Submitted by SAFIA RIJAAL on

I really appreciate the effort of saving children from NTDs specifically, intestinal worms infection. Irememeber very well as an African child at that time grew up in the rural area in Tanzania Zanzibar, I was severerly infected by worms and mylate mum was ignorant of the problem, Icould not learn well, Iwas olnely and sad. I am sure the problem is still there in many country including Zanzibar and mostly in North 'A'district, Central disrict and Micheweni District. I would like to help these kids in schools, as an educational Administrator in the Deprtment of Pre-Primary and Primary Education, I would like to make a call for Donors, supporters from all round the world to support us in stablishing programs through the Ministry of Education in ZANZIBAR to save the chilren inschools and those out of schools