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Submitted by HZiemer on

Thank you for this blog post. It’s heartening to read what the World Bank is doing to support mental health care as part of a holistic approach to health and societal well-being. Indeed, job creation and training is an important factor in implementing the WHO Mental Health action plan 2013-2020. One of the challenges in providing universal mental health care is building a cadre of skilled mental health and psychosocial practitioners, since many low-income countries have few, if any, mental health professionals. In our direct care programs in Africa and the Middle East, the Center for Victims of Torture trains national and, when possible, refugees from affected populations to be skilled psychosocial counselors. Supporting efforts such as these, and increasing the level of support for training, supervision and curriculum development for mental health workers, combined with integrating them into recognized existing, sustainable, structures will further help close the treatment gap in mental health.