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Submitted by Albert Figueras on

Climate change, health consequences and the implications of these new scenario in medicines use and consumption...

It seems plausible that in the forthcoming years (or decades), there will be an increase in the incidence of cancer, respiratory diseases, skin disorders, (new) infections, and also an increase in psychiatric disorders associated with the growing incertitude and the evolution of the present social model. So, new anticancer drugs, antibiotics and medicines for psychiatric and neurological disorders will be necessary... At the same time, the drug companies' pipelines seem to be almost empty (except for the new biological products). Additionally, these new available options are extremely expensive.

An interesting and worrying topic, that of the consequences of the climate change on public health. Sometimes I ask myself if it would be possible to disentangle the World's present complexity in order to come back to Pachamama's simplicity. Of course, this is not easy to solve, and perhaps some solutions would be inconvenient in many aspects. What seem clear is that we have to analyze the problem and face it!