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Submitted by Patricio V Marquez on

Good news from China since the blog was posted: A few hours ago, the Shanghai People's Congress Standing Committee, adopted the Amended Regulations on Smoking Control in Public Places. According to official news outlets, beginning March 1, 2017, smoking will be banned in indoor public places, work places and public transport. Smoking is also banned in the outdoor areas of public places where minors frequent (such as elementary and middle schools, training facilities, women and children hospitals, etc), stadiums, performing areas, cultural relic historic sites, and populated waiting areas of public transportation.

There is a mention of smoking rooms, worded as "the municipal government may issue the specifications for indoor smoking rooms that need to be set up due to special situations. According to the law committee of the Shanghai People's Congress, the exemption is for manufacturing plants where smoking poses unique issues, such as chemical plants, and prisons.
With the new law, the 24 million residents of Shanghai will be protected from secondhand smoke in indoor places like restaurants, bars, hotels, offices, airports, other public places.

Another step in the right direction!!!