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I'm pleased to announce the appointment of Timothy G. Evans as the World Bank's Director for Health, Nutrition and Population, effective as of June 23, 2013.Dr. Evans, a U.S. and Canadian national, has been active in the international health arena for more than 20 years.  He is currently the Dean of the James P. Grant School of Public Health of BRAC University in Bangladesh.  Previously he served as Assistant Director General at the World Health Organization, heading the Evidence, Information, Research and Policy Clusters, where he oversaw the production of the annual World Health Report.

Dr. Evans has been a leader in advancing global health equity and health systems performance throughout his career, notably through his work with the Rockefeller Foundation and the Harvard School of Public Health, and with his contributions to the development of innovative partnerships, including the Global Alliance on Vaccines and Immunization, INDEPTH and Health Metrics networks, the Global Health Workforce Alliance and the World Alliance for Patient Safety. He earned his DPhil in agricultural economics at Oxford, and pursued medical and postgraduate studies at McMaster and Harvard Universities.

In his new position, Dr. Evans' priorities will include: 1) providing overall strategic direction to the Bank’s work in health, nutrition and population, with a view to supporting countries in ensuring access to affordable quality care and improved health outcomes for all; and 2) building on the Bank’s partnerships in the health arena and forging greater alignment around a shared global vision.

Nicole Klingen will continue to serve as World Bank Acting Director for Health, Nutrition and Population during the remainder of the transition period.



Tamar Manuelyan Atinc

Senior Non-resident Fellow, Brookings Institution

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Gordon W Perkin O.C.,M.D.
February 02, 2013

This is a great appointment. It's almost like Tim has been in training for the past 20 years for this job. I cannot think of anyone more qualified and with the experience to carry out this position. Congratulations to Tim and to the World Bank.

Ibrahim Dadari
February 17, 2013

This is definitely a well-deserved appointment. I have heard of Tim and was opportuned to meet him during a seminar presentation he made in my graduate school on global health management. I can remeber clearly how he made a strategic presentation, and the insightful responses to clarifications sought and questions raised. The HNP unit of the World Bank will surely be proud of their new Director. Tim, please use your wealth of knowledge and experience and turn around the unit. Congratulations!