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Submitted by Alex A Lord Sagwe on
As a student at University, I understand better the opportunity costs associated with Meals and airtime (mobile phone credit). It ain't a peculiar trend in this part of the world based on the fact that most of our university fees is either paid by our parents and guardians or the government. Consider a case in which one has got money which can take him through a single meal- questions arise on what to do after this last meal. It becomes reasonable to forgo this single meal and acquire mobile phone credit so as to call for financial backup.... In most circumstances it is a gamble whose consequences are ready to be borne. In most cases if not all, its makes economic sense to to abandon this one meal and make this one important call that will provide meals for days. An extreme case of such an occurrence is with the Twitter and Facebook generation who do the same but for a different purpose. They load data bundles to chat with their friends even though there may be no economic gain of any sort.