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Submitted by rick kisa on

Blame it on rigorous aggressive marketing of private companies such as safaricom, etc. They make one feel that without a mobile fone and spending on airtime (they don't mind what you use the calls for), then you are not a human being. All of a sudden one must move around with a mobile phone or two (carrying considerable weight and attention to theft, loss, etc of the gadget), just in case the other gets spoilt! Not all calls are to make more money. Most calls are for trivia and dordgy appointments that could wait until the two parties meet. The fact is we were more economical and organised while calling, even in emergencies when there were no mobile phones that we are now. The call i used to make cheaply down town Nairobi in the early 1990s now coats me a fortune as i am prompted to call anytime or answering numerous beeps from, annoyingly, would be borrowers of money! It is a sad story and a subject of debate. If I had all the powers, I would sue companies for increased poverty among everybody due to their greed for abnormal profits.....