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We've updated the Africa tech hub map using your suggestions

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My recent blog "Tech hubs across Africa: Which will be the legacy-makers?" generated a long list and a wide range of comments, many suggesting tech hubs we hadn't noted on the map. As a result of your feedback, we've updated the list and created a new map.

Here are also two helpful new links that were sent my way as a result of this ongoing dialogue: Of course, since the technology landscape is always changing, the list will never be complete. We request your ongoing help to add value by making new comments. Thank you for being part of our global community.


Submitted by Jumanne Mtambalike on

Hi, Am the current hub manager of the TANZICT (Innovation Space) in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The Innovation Space is current called BUNI, swahili for innovate. For more details about BUNI you can visit ( and for more details about TANZICT (

Submitted by Anonymous on

Check out AKA iDEA Hub with 2 actives centres in Lagos and Calabar

Submitted by Jomo on

Hi Tim, Great idea. Thank you for sharing. I have a couple of suggestions. Since this list will be a bit difficult to maintain can you move the information and map to a crowd-map tool like Ushahidi so it could be constantly refined, updated, verified (by users) and shared on social platforms? That way it will be even more useful for creating connection between the hubs and innovators. Can you also please share the list (excel or CSV) you maintain so any web designer or techy can also make an interactive map out of it?

Submitted by ludovic Centonze on

dear sir,

you can update your map with a new incubateur we just launched in Niger



Submitted by Agatha on

Congratulation for your work and the fact you keep updating it.
There is also the first tech hub of Niger, the CIPMEN ( You can also find information in Samir Abdelkrim's article in StratupBRICS (‎ in French)
Good luck !

Submitted by Phlamy on

check A new hub starting out in the Niger Delta of Nigeria

Submitted by Roderick Warren on

Excellent work! We will add all these entities to - StartupBlink is a global map with information and news about the startup ecosystem.

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