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job market papers 2015

It’s that time of the year (no, not Halloween): Submissions open for our annual "Blog Your Job Market Paper" series

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We are pleased to launch for the fifth year a call for PhD students and others on the job market to blog their job market paper on Development Impact.  We welcome blog posts on anything related to empirical development work, impact evaluation, or measurement. For examples, you can see posts from 20142013 and 2012. We will follow a slightly altered process from the previous years, with the main difference being a hard deadline for submissions rather than rolling submissions:

We will start accepting submissions immediately until midnight on Monday, November 23, with the goal of publishing a couple before Thanksgiving and then about 6-8 more in December when people are deciding who to interview. We will not accept any submissions after the deadline. We will also do some more refereeing this year, which might imply a slightly lower success rate than previous years (but still better than 50%). Below are the rules that you must follow, followed by some guidance/tips you should follow: