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Friday Links: tweets predict google citation, randomize regulations, fair trade coffee, and more

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  • A new paper finds tweets about newly published articles in the Journal of Medical Internet Research can predict Google Scholar citations to these articles 17-29 months later.
  • A proposal for legislators to randomize regulations on the RegBlog.
  • Tim Ogden has the first part of an interview with me about microenterprise growth dynamics at Philanthropy Action.
  • The impact of fair trade coffee on James Choi’s blog (via @rovingbandit).
  • Call for papers for a new journal on migration from Oxford University Press – Migration Studies.  I have high hopes for it to become a good place for migration papers (and am on its global editorial board).

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Submitted by Stefano on
The item about fair trade coffee caught my eye, so I tried to track down the study James Choi referred to, which allegedly shows zero impact. I was unable to find it. Choi's blog only mentions "U of California researchers" with no further details. He's actually citing an article by Bruce Wydick in Christianity Today (a curious choice of journal) but that does not seem to be available on-line. Wydick is at USF, so is presumably not one of the authors. So... a provocative result, but absolutely no way to assess if it's valid.

Submitted by Berk Ozler on
Hi Stefano, Thanks for the comment. Bruce Wydick will be doing a guest blog on this article in the next few weeks, so we can press him for answers then. Berk.