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Another possible reason for stunting in Indian born (second and third child) could be the tradition. It's a tradition that for the first pregnancy woman is sent to her parent's house from 7th month till the baby is born and starts crawling or may be walking. During this period both mother and child are looked after very well by her parents. But soon as it goes to mother in laws hands for second pregnancy/delivery there is difference in the care provided. The difference can range from the nutritional food provided (as MIL's prefer giving more and better to her son rather than daughter in law) to the help that women gets after delivering, she is expected to do lot of household work which may involve lot of physical exertion for example, hand washing, cleaning floors/sweeping etc. Mother in laws play crucial role in South Asia especially for nutrition of the household (Bangladesh Nutrition Project also confirms this) and nothing better than Education in families may only be helpful in improving the situation.