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Submitted by Ron on

Its an interesting parallel between the rise of New Empirical IO (NEIO), the term coined by Bresnahan, to distinguish it from the old IO/ SCP paradigm, and the new Development Economics, especially in the context of effectiveness or "What works". The concerns over mis-identification/ endogeneity associated cross-sectional analysis meant that both needed to deploy the advances from the econometrics to get a better handle on internal validity issues. The difference is that unlike say Development Effectiveness field that has in the main adopted the Rubins-Holland causal effects framework in applied work, the NEIO has not.

The other challenge is that the Health Education Nutrition dominates the results agenda both within development agencies, donor community and development economists. Case in point UNIDO that actually computes and compiles TFP stats has budget of 100 million and losing support of big name donors.