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This should really be posted as a comment to my post on the Nigeria business plan competition, not to the general technical topic links. But I couldn't figure out how to move where you had put the comment, so will answer here.

Short answer is that:
- the measures of impact take into account transaction costs to the winners, and any crowding out or crowding in of other funding, including matching funding provided by them and/or equity/loan finance that is crowded out. The paper shows a little bit of crowd-out of this other finance, and no evidence of crowding in.
- I am not able to measure the spillovers to the control group, and have to rely on it being a small number of winners spread throughout the country.
- the measure of the cost of the program includes both the cost of the grants and the cost of operating the program (approx $2 million in costs to hand out $58 million in grants).