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Submitted by Bobbi Gray on

David, I agree about your point above. Within the microfinance field, there has been a lot of discussion about bridging the divide between practitioners and researchers. I think there are a few issues to consider that do relate to connectors, but there are also other barriers. Language is one of them. Research is often published in the native language of the author and rarely translated. It's difficult to take a long research paper in English and try to share it with practitioners in the field when they only speak French or Spanish. The research also needs to be transformed from an academic paper into something manageable for those who can use it as well. For example, practitioners don't care about the formulas used to measure impact or change. Authors might consider how they might turn their research paper into a manageable research brief that could be translated. As a researcher within a technical assistance provider, I also find it frustrating that I might run across a fairly relevant study years after it's published. The World Bank blog is one way I try to stay current on what is being talked about within academic circles...but it's often not enough to stay on top of what is being published. Freedom from Hunger tries to play a connecting role between research and our practitioner partners, but as indicated above, this is a bit tedious when you can't provide any documentation in another language. We know we can also do better in playing a connecting role and have discussed different ways to do this, but just haven't found the right mechanism yet to make this a fluid process.