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Submitted by Dan Stein on

Hi team, congrats on your six years and for maintaining such a useful resource for the community.

I think an e-book would be a really valuable resource. Here at IDinsight we recently had a bi-weekly "book club" discussion based around your curated links of technical topics. It was a big hit, especially among young staff who were looking to build their technical skills. I think converting to an e-book would allow us to use this material even more effectively as a resource for self-directed study.

As demand side of the job market, we also found the job market posts very useful. Apart from the interesting content, we used them to reach out to candidates we thought might be a good fit for IDinsight. As a newer player in this space, we couldn't assume good candidates would automatically apply, so this was a great resource for us. From our perspective, the more of these posts the better, as it exposes us to more potential candidates.