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Submitted by Anna D'Souza on

Happy 6th birthday!

This blog is one of my favorites; it is invaluable for those of us working on applied microeconomic development topics. Thank you!

Here are my reactions to your list above:

1. I don't see many added benefits to an e-book over the current page of curated links. The real issue is the search functionality. I may be doing something wrong, but when I try to search by tag, only a small fraction of your tags are included in the drop down menu. And if I try to use the search feature at the top of the blog page, it provides many results that are not related to your blog. Google searches help, but you have to know what you are looking for.

2. The learning from failure series was very interesting, even for those of us who do not do fieldwork. Part of what makes this blog special is the fact that you seem to be honest about the ups and downs of fieldwork and research (including Berk's post on the impostor syndrome from a while back...).

3. I would like to see a guest post from someone working on post-conflict and conflict countries (e.g., Eli Berman, UCSD, or Jacob Shapiro, Princeton), given the specific challenges related to survey work and measurement in such environments.

4. I like the job market series post, but 17 did seem like too much this year. I think 10-15 would be ideal.

5. I look forward to assigning your blog in my MIA development course next year... let's see how the students like it!

6. The paper summaries after conferences are extremely valuable for those of us who don't get to go to many conferences. Thank you!

This blog is a great public service... thank you and please keep it up!