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Hi, David, Thanks much for your great question. I encourage anybody interested to take a look at the full paper, online at where these details and many others are covered. What happens when you omit India? Table 2 omits each of 6 world regions in turn, including South Asia. The regression slope without South Asia is -0.988 height-for-age standard deviations linearly associated with moving from nobody openly defecating to everybody openly defecating (standard error 0.14), compared with -1.2 (se = 0.22) in the full sample. So there is still a downward slope, which is actually pretty similar. Another way of responding to your broader point would be to change whether or not observations are weighted by population size: is India treated as equally or more important than East Timor in fitting the line? The graphs like this in the paper plot these lines with and without weights. Thanks, Dean