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  • Reply to: CSAE 2015: Impact Evaluation Round-up   18 hours 36 min ago
    Yes, it is hard to see a lot of lasting impacts on baseline schoolgirls in that report -- CCT or UCT. The speed of catchup for marriage, pregnancy, and HIV after the end of the program is a bit striking for the UCT group. For the CCTs and UCTs, as the effects on educational attainment were significant but small by definition at the end of the program (88% completed primary school in the control group by round 4), they are no longer detectable and don't translate into improvements in other outcomes. Baseline dropouts who had massive gains in school attainment from the CCT program they were offered, see lasting gains and knock-on effects on marriage, fertility, and desired fertility.
    Stay tuned for the working paper later this year that includes program effects on their children and husbands -- preliminary findings for which were presented by my co-author at CSAE where David saw the talk...
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    This was probably a function of the timing of when submissions were due. I know that a few Ebola studies based on field research are coming soon. The only ones I've seen out so far are phone surveys of the economic impact in Sierra Leone and Liberia. All linked here:
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    Yep, you're right. I was just basing on my memory of the presentation, and I had misunderstood. Thanks!
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    Disappointing to see that only a single Ebola study was presented, and that too, a study not based on field research.

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    From what I can read from the Ozler paper (, my feeling is your summary is misleading: both CCTs and UCTs had no long term impacts on school-going girls at baseline, but some impact was found for school-dropouts at baseline (for whom experiment was not designed to compare with UCTs, but between CCT and standard control group). See what you think!