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RFID Bleg + Summer Opportunity if you know how to do this stuff

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I am in the early stages of exploring how to use RFID tags to improve measurement of turnover in small businesses. Does anyone know of cases where RFID tags have been used to track aid flows, or in development projects to track mass quantities of goods? I know technology is rapidly evolving and price dropping here, but would be good to know of recent experiences on this. Both technology that seems to work well, as well as any logistical issues that come up that we should watch out for would be most welcome. Happy for you to email me if you don’t want to share the experience in public.

In addition, if you are a smart undergraduate or graduate student who knows a bit about this technology already and is interested in working for me this summer on trying to implement this in some small businesses, email me a cover letter explaining your knowledge/experience in using RFID, as well as your CV.



Submitted by Jill West on
Hi David, Unfortunately I'm not aware of any case studies that are specific to what you've requested. But we do have many case studies covering topics ranging from asset management to healthcare to manufacturing to retail stores on our website that may be pertinent to your research. You can find more information here: RFID Journal magazine's editor, Mark Roberti, is also a good resource for tracking down this type of information. And their event RFID Journal Live is coming up next month: I wish you luck on your project. Please let me know if there is any additional information I can provide to you. -Jill Jill West Sr. Manager, Marketing Communications Impinj, Inc.

Hi David, just spread the news of this opportunity via the VeryFields Twitter account, hoping that some students are interested in. Please consider . The website provides information about the product lines of the most important RFID tag manufacturers worldwide and a complete search engine that helps RFID professionals find the best RFID tags for their applications. Best regards. Mirco Cadamuro General Manager VeryFields

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