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A quick look back at OpenDevCamp.

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Open Development Camp - Photo by Development Seed

The Open Development Camp that took place just a little over a week ago here at the World Bank was a success in many ways:

  • About 100 people interested in development data and collaboration showed up.
  • About 20 sessions on a variety of topics were proposed and facilitated by experts and interested participants during the unconference.
  • Notes from the sessions and follow-up discussions continue to take place at the Ning group.
  • There is lots of interest in replicating the event in other parts of the world, or even for different thematic sectors in development.

The folks at Global Development Commons have a roundup of some of the sessions, and of course, the Ning group has some great recaps of the sessions, so I'd recommend checking those spaces out for more details on what exactly went on at OpenDevCamp itself.

Joe Pringle of Forum One livestreamed the opening keynote by Owen Barder as well. You can watch the archived video below:

Open Development Camp also featured a few good sessions on hwo developers can interact with open development data, and where that data can be found and how organizations can make it easier for people to use the data.

From those sessions, we got some really great ideas on how to make the World Bank API even better than it already is, and we'll be working on some improvements in the weeks and months ahead.

We're looking forward to your continued discussion and interaction about the event over on the Ning group, and if you think there's value in us looking at holding more events to bring the development data community together in person, let me know.

(Photo of OpenDevCamp from Development Seed.)

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