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Visualizing Past Milestones with an Eye to the Future

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Rebuilding Europe’s steel capacity after WWII. Jump-starting Japan’s bullet trains. Eradicating riverblindness. Coordinating a global phase-out of leaded fuels. Renewing tsunami-ravaged Indonesia.

The world shares many major milestones with the World Bank’s own history.  Our newly re-designed results timeline offers a “greatest hits” of international achievements with Bank involvement:


We were inspired by timelines created by our comparator organizations, such as IADB’s 50th Anniversary slideshow.  Also, recent online and multimedia storytelling from the 2010 Pulitzer Prize featured live timelines to track ongoing stories, perhaps an apt example of what could be done to visualize World Bank project timelines.

We’re just starting to use temporal displays for World Bank info, but we see it as an area rich with potential. The future of online Bank timelines is intertwined with project geo-location and equipping and training field staff to document projects remotely with smart phones.  We have big dreams and this is our modest beginning.