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2010: A Look Back

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A lot can happen in a year. 2010 saw the Bank reach record levels of commitments and disbursements as the world continued to pull itself out of the financial crisis. Developing countries emerged as engines of economic growth; Haiti and Pakistan suffered devastating natural disasters; and food prices continued to rise.

One particular high point was the launch of the Bank’s Open Data Initiative, in which we opened access to 4,000 financial, business, economic, health and human development indicators previously available to paying subscribers. And at year's end, the International Development Association--the Bank's fund for the poorest countries--received a record replenishment of $49.3 billion.

To capture 2010’s milestones in one place, we created a visually engaging, interactive timeline and launched it on our home page last week, in English, French, Spanish, and Arabic. We’ve linked to in-depth websites, feature stories, press releases, and blogs, with several videos tucked in to bring it all to life.

Click here to review 2010, month-by-month, and let us know what you think.