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A woman holds together a business and a family in Tanzania

Mehreen Arshad Sheikh's picture

"If you incapacitate a woman, you incapacitate the whole world."

Pili Kafue of Tanzania speaks about her challenging role as a wife, mother and business owner.

On Nov. 11, 2011, more than 48 World Bank countries participated in the One Day on Earth campaign and filmed working women across the globe to capture their thoughts on what it means to have a job.The results were extraordinary and all regions around the world were represented.

As we approach International Women’s Day (March 8, 2012), we will be highlighting a number of short videos of women around the world speaking about what difference having a job makes to their life and family.

Here is the first glimpse of what these videos will show you. Watch Pili Kafue address the importance of women’s work and why it matters.

Stay tuned for another strong woman from Laos, who talks about how her business provides income for her family and education. It’s time to #thinkEQUAL.