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Graph Remix: Visualizing the path of countries that consistently reform

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Moving up the rankings never looked so good.

This week Doing Business showed us riveting new numbers on the country-by-country progress of business regulation reform during last year’s tough economic climate. The annual report ranks member countries from 1 to 181 on the ease of doing business and then splices up and analyzes the master set into sub-rankings, including the much-anticipated Top Ten Reformers. These sprinters impress, but often they represent marathoners in a good stretch. For this reason, the web editorial team chose to show the movement up the ranks of consistent reformers.


Consistent Reforms Climb the Ranks of the Ease of Doing Business

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Feature Story - Doing Business 2010: Reforming through Difficult Times


Submitted by JakeP on
This is a great example of how data visualization is making lots of reports and raw numbers - which typically only appeal to statisticians and other data nerds - really stand out and become consumable to the average person. This has been a growing field of data analysis, especially when utilizing web2.0 and other internet technologies, and I don't think it's anywhere near being fully explored. Looking forward to more great finds...

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