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Open Forum: announcing line up of featured guests

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World Bank Open Forum
We're only 4 days away from the start of the World Bank's first-ever Open Forum, an online event featuring live webcasts and 24-hour chat discussions.  The production team has been working around the clock to get all the details set for what's lining up to be a fantastic 48 hours.

Here is a quick preview of what you can expect to learn and who will hear from October 7-8:

Session 1: Open Development Solutions, October 7th - starting at 12:30 pm EST:

In this opening session hosted by Molly Wood of CNET TV, you will discover how “open data” and “open knowledge” are empowering average citizens. Panelists will discuss the concept of openness, and how it is impacting development approaches and sparking collaboration among new partners – resulting in new and innovative development solutions. You'll hear from open data expert Tim O'Reilly about how the open data movement started and where it's going in the future.  You'll get the details about the World Bank Apps for Development Competition we will also reveal an exciting new annoucement from Google.  The session will include periodic coverage from the World Bank Program of Seminars.

Full list of featured guests for Open Development Solutions >

Session 2: Jumpstarting Jobs, October 7th - starting at 2:30 pm EST:

Hosted by Femi Oke of Public Radio International, this session tackles the global jobs crisis. With 210 million people out of work, and millions more workers living on $2 or less a day, the world is faced with the huge challenge of creating more and better jobs. But how should we do it? The session will include video commentary from Riska Mirzalina, youth entrepreneur from Indonesia and Umit Boyner of theTurkish business and employers association, TUSIAD. Shantayanan Devarajan, Chief Economist of the World Bank's Africa region will join the panel full of experts. The session will also feature periodic coverage from the World Bank Program of Seminars.

Full list of featured guests for Jumpstarting Jobs >

Session 3: Development Now: A Changing Landscape, October 8th - starting at 10:00 am EST:

This session, hosted by Phil Hay of the World Bank, will explore how the recent economic crisis has affected aid and the changing development landscape. As governments shift their attention to domestic economic issues, there is a risk that aid to poor countries will become a lower priority. Citizens across the world are demanding “value for money” and a clear demonstration of impact on the ground.  The session will include periodic coverage from the World Bank/IMF Annual Plenary.

Full list of featured guests for Development Now >

Don't forget to sign up for an event reminder.  You can also submit and vote on questions others have submitted.  We're incorporating the top-ranked questions in the Open Forum's live discussions and throughout the Annual Meetings.

Also, if you're in Washington this week, be sure to take a stroll down Pennsylvania Avenue and glance look over at the Bank's building. You'll just have to do it to see what I'm talking about.  Don't worry to those who aren't here, you can learn about it here.

See you online at

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