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Sharing our work at the Digital Citizen conference.

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For those of you who are in Washington DC and want to learn more about the World Bank's work on the web — specifically, how audience feedback and data are driving the way we approach our new online initiatives — I'd recommend you attend the DigitalCitizen Conference on October 8, 2009.

Margaret Allen, the Program Manager here at the Bank's Web Program Office, will be delivering a case study on the way we use our Foresee results and our metrics to cater to a global audience. From the conference website:

The World Bank Case Study: Roadmap for Meeting the Diverse Needs of Global Audiences Online.
Learn how The World Bank demonstrated the need for resources to overhaul the current website and captured data and insights about the diverse needs between developed and developing countries.  Voice of customer data guides the organization's social media communications strategy, a mobile strategy, and overall content strategy toward greater success.

The conference is a free, day-long event, and will feature case studies from other public sector organizations as well.

If you do decide to attend the DigitalCitizen Conference, be sure to say hullo to Margaret while you're there. And if you have any other ideas on how we can be sharing our research and work with the community even more, please let us know!


Submitted by Mark on
Sameer, I can't make the conference. Does your organisation provide the case notes elsewhere or is it prepared especially for that event?

Submitted by Margaret on
Hi Mark, We and others are preparing materials specifically for the event, which is hosted by ForeSee Results. Hopefully, Sameer and I can share our thoughts on the concepts that are presented in the coming weeks. Many thanks for expressing your interest.

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